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"It's an extraordinary piece of filmmaking, filled with family revelations and a beautiful twist ending that could rival Frank Capra for emotional pull." - Trent Dalton, Q Weekend

"It's a film that really reaches out, and when it ends we sit back with the feeling of having been told an interesting and important story from a brave and generous person." - Best Documentary Jury, Mix Copenhagen

"It is engaging viewing, even endearing, and feels like a quietly important film that ought to be widely seen." - Inez Baranay, Metro Magazine

“...a story anyone who has experienced the pain of difference and exclusion - in any of its forms - will find inspiring." - Doug Anderson of the Sydney Morning Herald

"...an unexpectedly tender exploration of how families adapt." - Nick Galvin, Sydney Morning Herald

Winner, Best Documentary (General) at ATOM Awards and #1 Film at Brisbane International Film Festival 2010 as voted by audiences.

Winner, Best Direction in a Documentary (Stand Alone) at the 2012 Australian Directors Guild Awards.

Winner, Best Documentary at Mix Copenhagen 2011 and the John Deen Memorial Award, Spokane LGBT Film Festival.

Winner, Best Short (under 60 mins) MujerDOC 2013 and the 2012 Chéries-Chéris Prix Spécial du Jury du Film Documentaire.

Nominee, Best Documentary at IF Awards 2011 and Best Documentary Under One Hour at AACTA Awards 2011.